Who Is Your Boss?

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“I hate my boss,” said the aspiring entrepreneur to me. “I hate the things he makes me do, the way he talks to me and I feel like he is constantly looking over my shoulder.”

“You really shouldn’t talk that way about yourself.” I said, smugly smiling at the upcoming response, which I knew was coming.

“I’m not the boss.” She looked really confused over the pixelated connection of my cut-rate internet connection.

“Oh,” I exclaimed, procuring my best acting skills, as if revelation had struck me. “That’s the problem, you’re not the boss. If that’s true, then I know exactly how to help you.” She looked even more confused.

“The person making you do all the things you hate and treating you the way you don’t like is in charge of you right?”  My question only led to a more confused look.

“So if we changed who was in charge of you, then the problem would go away. So, starting now, he isn’t in charge of you. He can’t tell you when to wake up, what to have for breakfast or how to feel anymore.”

At this point she began to regret hiring me as a coach.

“He can’t tell me those things, he’s my boss, not my king.” I could hear her mind wheeling as she felt frustrated with me.

“Oh, he’s not your king? So he can’t make you get up and go to that job every day?” I asked, smiling.

“Well, I have to go to that job to pay my bills.” She said.

“Oh, so there are no other jobs that pay what you make there. You have reached the fullest pinnacle of success and there are no other options for you but to allow this tyrant to treat you in a way you hate? And your bills, they can’t go away, you can’t sell stuff, pay things off or get a lesser service on your phone or insurance and you can’t stop eating out?”

“I could, but I don’t really want to.” She said, walking right into my trap! (picture me with a cape and a twisty mustache!)

“Oh, so you are choosing to have him as a boss because you won’t change your lifestyle or look for a different job. So really he isn’t the boss. You are. You have decided that the stuff and lifestyle you have are worth the abuse you put up with at work. You decided to have these payment, take these trips, eat at these restaurants, not update your resume, not to look at other jobs,and settle.” I had to back off because she began to look defeated and informed at the same time.

“We are all the volunteers.” I said, calmly. “We wake up every day and decide to go live the life we live. You don’t have a boss, you are the boss and tomorrow you can do something different. Tomorrow you can set the wheels in motion to never have to live like this again. Tomorrow you can sell everything and rent a cheap apartment, get a side job or get a whole new job that is better than this one. You said he isn’t your king, but you have put him in that position because you are the boss of your life. You volunteer for this abuse every morning you walk through the door.”

To my knowledge, she is still there, volunteering for a life she hates.

What are you volunteering for?

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