Systems Help Entrepreneurs Grow Revenue

You are working way too much. Your business isn’t growing. All you need is a 36 hour day and you’ll be fine right? Wrong. You need systems. Someone else in your company has to be able to do what you do. It seems overwhelming to grow a business and build the systems necessary to make it run. But, with a little free help from Google Drive, you can do exactly that.

How Systems Help

Right now in your business you are probably the bottleneck. If there is any action or task that has to go through your head to get done, you are slowing down your growth. Timothy Ferris revolutionized automation in his book The 4 Hour Work Week. If you haven’t read or listened to it stop reading this and get it. He outlines great ways to systematize your success as an entrepreneur. But some of his recommendations cost money, which is in short supply when you start. One tool that is basically free that can launch you into the systems championships is using the tools Google offers to track and share vital information to your team. Alan Turing changed the world with his system of breaking the Enigma code during WWII. The systems you implement will at least change your business.

What System Should You Build First

The first system any entrepreneur should create is the system that gives them back their time. Whatever consumes you, that causes you to roll your eyes when you do it, needs to be systematized. The simple outline for building that system is to

1. Track it. build a tracking system that gathers the data.

2. Create actions. What actions need to happen when the data reaches certain levels? If your sales go up, do you order more material? When conversions go down, do you run a promotion? These actions are going to be crucial to the next step.

3. Assign actions to your team. Give ownership of that response to the action to your team members. That is their job and people love owning the responsabilty to helping the company grow, so give that to them.

How Business Looks After Systems

I consult entrepreneurs often. Implementing systems is frequently the first thing we do together. In the following video I show exactly what a few of our tracking systems from Google Drive look like and how we built them. Once these systems are in place entrepreneurs get their life back. They are able to spend time with the family or friends knowing the business is running without them. Take a look at a few examples and put them to use in your business. You’ll be glad you did.