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John understands things on a different plane. I wish we could take people like this and mine what they know!

-Andy Andrews, Speaker/New York Times Bestselling Author

Most Requested Topics

  • Influence. In SWAY, my most recent book, I break down the truth about influence and what it takes to become the most effective leader possible. I also uncovered the amazing link in my next topic.
  • The Link Between Autism and Influence. While researching SWAY I discovered a huge percentage of the influencers I studied were on the spectrum. Then I learned why. ASD lends itself to some very influential characteristics that I love to share with my audience.

  • Overcoming Fear and Obstacles. I started out my adult life homeless, and a high school dropout among other things. Today I am an Amazon Top Ten Bestseller, constructed and taught a brand new degree program for Yavapai College, own a multi-million dollar business and have consulted with businesses across the country. I teach youth and business leaders what it takes to reach their goals, no matter what is in the way.

  • Building the Right Team. The people around you are the most critical part of building your life and business. I show business owners how to effectively choose the right people for their organization and their life.

Here are just a few reasons people hire me to speak

Real Change

A good speaker entertains the audience, a great speaker captivates them and motivates them to take action. As the saying goes,

“In ancient Greece, when Cicero spoke people listened, when Demosthenes spoke, people marched!”

A member of upper level leadership for a company with which I worked recently said,

“I have never seen this work force react to a presentation like this! From the time John walked off the stage, the workforce has improved!”


One of the many tools I use to inspire action is social connection.

Presenting information to a group does not inspire. But, presenting information to a group who engages each other as a response to the information does. The most powerful component to my presentations is not what I say or do on stage, it is the conversations and actions that happen between the members of the audience after I’m done that invoke action.

I leave people with a reason to think differently, and to share those thoughts with each other.

One of a Kind

This will not be like any other talk, speech or presentation you have ever heard before. I have been blessed with a completely unique perspective, (although that wasn’t what most of my teachers in school called it!)

Not only do I work with very unique material, but my perspective allows me to dig into information in a way that most people can’t. Where most people see failure, I see a valuable life lesson. Where most people see a downturn in the market, I see an opportunity the competition isn’t realizing. Not because I’m spinning everything in a positive light, but because I had to find opportunities in failure.

John is a real pleasure to work with. Our team had a guest speaker cancel two days before the event!

John was very happy to build a second presentation and fill our additional time slot with only two days notice. He went from conducting a 45 minute presentation to planning two separate presentations and speaking for a total of 4 hours to our entire group! He has great energy and keeps the audience engaged.
Thanks John!

-Christie Gracia, Event Planner

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to hiring a speaker.

You can hire MVPs and Super Bowl champions. Reality show stars and newsmakers all throw their hat in the speaking ring.

But, can that person engage your audience?

Can that person step up and ensure your event goes off without a hitch when problems occur?

Can they work without notes?

Do they understand what it takes to connect with your audience, or do they just tell their story?

Your audience deserves better.

I have sat in on all of John’s presentations and have seen him convey, in various formats, the optimism and personal power that this population needs to embrace.

His delivery is gentle and convincing. He finds a way to relate to the group-whom often dislike hearing from authority figures. John has proven that he can quickly establish trust and rapport with us, and the youth in our group. We hear from our participants that he has been their favorite speaker.

-Justine, Community Outreach Specialist

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