Online Coaching

What to Expect

  • Business Review. We will determine where your business is first. Very often owners set goals that don’t solve the real problems in their business. We make sure that doesn’t happen from the beginning.
  • Overview of Goals. This will help you outline the right plan for your business, and help you understand exactly what it takes to get where you want to go.
  • Marketing Plan (if needed.) If your business is ready to grow then it’s time to market! You need to compete in a way that eliminates the competition and makes growth easy.
  • Quarterly Segments. Each week for three months you will have an online, one on one meeting with me to help maintain your focus and accomplish what you’ve set out to accomplish. You’ll be amazed what one quarter of focused work can do for your future.

I remember being scared to charge $37 for a mastermind group! John asked me one question that changed everything. He became my coach in that moment, and later as well.

Alex Barker, Founder of The Happy Pharm D.

Why John?

Companies all over the country trust Johns insights on business and marketing.

John grew his own company to over $2,000,000 in annual revenue with 12 employees, in less than one year! Today we are many multiples of that.

John is the author of two incredibly successful books. The Search and Sway.

John was selected to create, from scratch, a new two year degree program for Yavapai College

John has worked with companies in retail, digital, service and construction industries.

Tell us a little about your business to see if John is a good fit to consult you.