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With online coaching sessions I will help you build or grow your business through Skype or Zoom. My sessions are offered in three month increments with a free consultation in the beginning, just to make sure we are a good fit.


Teams think differently after my speaking engagements. The most powerful component to my training is the interaction that happens within the group, after I’m done. Presenting information to a group does not inspire. But, presenting information to a group who engages each other as a response to the information does.

In Person

My in depth, in person sessions are intense. Short bursts of direct and powerful digging and truths about your business. My in person, one on one training sessions are designed to get the most answers, in the least amount of time by asking tough questions directly to you.

Plans and Pricing

Decide what is right for you.


What My Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, here is what my customers are saying!

“John is a real pleasure to work with. Our team had a guest speaker cancel two days before the event!

John was very happy to build a second presentation and fill our additional time slot with only two days notice. He went from conducting a 45 minute presentation to planning two separate presentations and speaking for a total of 4 hours to our entire group! He has great energy and keeps the audience engaged.

Thanks John!


Event Planner

“I remember being scared to charge $37 for a mastermind group! John asked me one question that changed everything. He became my coach in that moment, and later as well”


Online business owner, now clearing over $10,000/month

“I have sat in on all of John’s presentations and have seen him convey, in various formats, the optimism and personal power that this population needs to embrace.

His delivery is gentle and convincing. He finds a way to relate to the group-whom often dislike hearing from authority figures. John has proven that he can quickly establish trustand rapport with us, and the youth in our group. We hear from our participants that he has been their favorite speaker.”


Community Restitution Specialist

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