Heuristics and How We Really Make Decisions

You will completely change your influence, once you understand heuristics. Heuristics A huge portion of potential influencers spend mountains of time finessing their message, campaign or product, and less time developing the personality of the influencer...

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Jonathan Freedman, and Psychological Reactance

Jonathan Freedman, psychological reactance is a very popular term in the anti-child-spanking community of parents. If you dig into the research behind the movement you will find his name. You will also find this study cited repeatedly. Freedman didn't...

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David Hawkins and Kindness in POW Camps

David Hawkins In June of 1957 a young Mike Wallace was broadcast into the homes of America. The white smoke drifting up from his cigarette bore a stark contrast to the black background behind him, and the colorless video accentuated the contrast even more....

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