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Do you believe in yourself, really?

How affected are you by your relatives, the election, or technology? Does what others think play into your decision making? What about your last bad review, that insulting thing your old “friend” said, or what happened to the last person who tried? Do those things affect your thinking?

Of course they do.

A person who has no consideration for other people is a psychopath. The numbers say that most of you aren’t psychopaths!

But all of these things affect our decisions, our choices, and how we progress. If you write a book on taking pictures with 35 mm film, and no one buys it, you shouldn’t write two more! What people think does matter . . .somewhat.

 I wrote an article called Haters that has been misinterpreted a bit.

shops-1026420_640I wrote that it is important, to not focus on the doubters, they just may not get it. Which is accurate. We shouldn’t focus on those who don’t get what we are doing, what we are saying, or who we are trying to influence. Our focus should be on those who get it.

But, if no one gets it, it may be time for a change. William James, the father of modern psychology said,

My first act of free will shall be to believe in free will.

You have chosen what you do, how you do it and with whom you do it. You have chosen to use technology, react to the economy and experience the naysayers and the non-believers exactly the way you do. Ignoring the doubters works if there are some believers, who do or will support you. They don’t have to be the majority. In fact, if your idea is good, they probably won’t be, they just have to believe.

We have to believe in what we are doing, but there has to be a basis for that belief. There is a business out there for each of us.

We just don’t get to force our way in.

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